Who are referred to the boat?



The Bohus charter policy is to convey the right customer to the right boat. The customer must have the knowledge and authority to drive the rented boat in an attempted and seamanly manner.


Bohuscharter will not mediate customers to your boat that we lack confidence in when booking. They will always cause you and us worries during the rental period.

However, it is you as the boat owner who ultimately decides whether you want to rent out your boat to the customer we have proposed. At the latest when the boat is handed over, the customer must show that he has the knowledge and authority to drive the boat he has rented. If he does not have your trust, you have the right to cancel the rental without returning the rental amount. Always contact us for advice before making a decision in such a situation.

Due to our long experience in the industry, we have a wide network of contacts among customers and agents in Sweden and the rest of Europe. This will have a positive impact on your boat, which means bookings and customer reliability.

As a customer, you primarily turn to a rental company in the area where you want to rent a boat. This is because they know the coast and its waters. The customer also wants tips on routes, ports and opportunities, etc. We are on site for customers.