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If you dream of a vacation that includes feeling the wind in the hair and the ocean spraying on your skin while enjoying the magnificent scenery, get ready to pack your bags. These 5 destinations offer the opportunity for the ultimate sailing escape.

West Sweden

The West Coast – West Sweden
Few places on earth can offer as good water for boating as Bohuslän, with all its thousands of copper and islands. Bohuslän is one of the world’s finest coastlines to explore by sailboat or motorboat. In any case, it means American CNN which calls the west coast a paradise.

Bohuslän offers cool nature experiences – pristine national parks, cozy seaside booths, wild waters and mirror-blurred canals.

Stockholm Archepelago – Sweden

Stockholm Arcepelago – beautiful sea world close to the city

The land to the east of Stockholm is broken. It is like a geological puzzle that a child left behind unfinished, the result being an amazing collage of land and water called the Stockholm archipelago.

The widespread archipelago is easy to visit if you rent a sailyacht or motorboat that depart from our base in Gåshaga marina.

Norway - Adventure in North

Sail in Norway in comfortable and fully equipped yachts you may cruise around and live between the steep mountains and long fjords. Experience the ultimate expedition of the Arctic; glaciers, polar bears and extreme wilderness. Whale Watching and Northern Light Hunting. Sail and skiing in the powdersnow of endless amounts of mountains.


Sail in Croatia´s azurblue waters is the perfect sailtrip for families or groups of friends looking for a relaxing sailing holiday. Skippers are available, meaning no sailing experience is necessary, and itineraries are flexible. All you have to do when you get to Croatia is sit back, relax and explore the stunning coastline. Are you a more experienced sailor you rent a sailboat and sail between lovely islands and natural ports and nice villages and ports.


Greece is what many think of the classic sailing area and an extremely popular holiday country. Here you will find sailing areas to suit you. Everything from calm family waves to tougher sea sailing, with the archipelago of Greece being easily navigated.

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