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Sweden has an archipelago with over 24,000 islands and offers a unique mix of clean water, beautiful scenery and historical wings from ancient times. Stockholm archipelago is large enough to accommodate all kinds of possibilities, from the inner archipelago calm to the outer archipelago drama. Stockholm archipelago is nominated for the “World Heritage Site”, and this is a place for nature lovers to be in the natural harbor, or for those who want to soak up the culture by visiting a port.

Stockholm archipelago has many fine beautiful and lovely islands and ports to visit by sailyacht or motoryacht with that little extra.

Rent a boat in Stockholm during the season who runs from May to September. The high season is July to mid-August. In June, July and August it is hot in both air and water. June offers the magically bright evenings that make the summers in Scandinavia so amazing. During both spring and autumn season, you have a comfortable climate with fewer tourists and plenty of space in the ports.

Sail to Sandhamn

First out of the ports is Sandhamn, an elegant and an institution in the Stockholm archipelago, and the position just inside the seabed makes the harbor a mecca for sailors in sailyachts. There are good accommodation and restaurants, a genuine archipelago town and three beaches. In Sandhamn there is a lot to do; tennis, minigolf, kite surfing, spa, outdoor pool and even a nightclub.

Sands Hotell, Dykarbaren, Seglarrestaurangen, Sandhamns Värdshus and Ankaret belongs to the most famous restaurants.

Sail to Grinda

Grinda is an island for life lovers. On a sunny summer day, the large wooden deck on Grindas Framficka is one of the archipelago’s more stylish places to hang out. Many day visitors choose this favorite thanks to the proximity to Stockholm and Waxholm. There is a shop, kiosk, inn and farm shop. Since 2000, Grinda is a nature reserve and the island is suitable for walking, a popular joining is Grindastigen.

Grinda Värdshus has been named “Skargårdens beste krog” and Grindas Framficka is their back pocket.

Sail to Möja

Möja is like several archipelago islands in one. This large island has 300 permanent residents and service that many neighboring islands lacking, as school and district doctors. The buildings, the wood church, the lakes, the wetlands and the nature reserve are all worth experiencing. Unfortunately, Möja is no given bath island, on the other hand, a perfect bike island. Kayaks can also be hired.

In Berg there are Möja Värdshus and Restaurant Pärlan, with live music summertime. In Ramsmora there is Wikströms Fisk.

Sail to Nåttarö

Nåttarö is clearly underrated island. Despite its size, seven kilometers long, and many fine beaches, including the archipelago’s longest beach Large sand, the island remains relatively unknown. Other elements of the island are impressive granite cliffs near the sea, rolling meadows and spongy weeds. The entire Nåttarö is the nature reserve of the Archipelago Foundation.

Nåttarö Krog has an à la carte menu and fully rights. A generalstore is open during summer.

Sail to Huvudskär

On the way to Huvudskär see seals, the sun and sea ears float high above, only the worth of the issue here. Huvudskär is a few islands in the outermost sea belt, which are accessible to the public without a boat, and awaits unique natural experiences. On the most visited island of Ålandsskär there are small red fishing booths. Rowing boat and kayak can be rented.

Bring your food bag.

Sail to Utö

Utö has long been one of the archipelago’s most complete excursion destinations. The island presents many options for accommodation and food, ranging from hotel beds and gourmet dishes to hostels and self-catering. There are also varied scenery, beaches, bays and historic monuments. The west side’s calm waters and soft hills stand in contrast to the wilderness of the east side of the open sea.

Seven restaurants, with Uto inn as the more expensive the star of the party.

Sail to Finnhamn

Lovely bathing cliffs, a fine hostel, a classic restaurant and the varied inner landscape of pine forests and oak groves have made Finnhamn a very popular destination. In the evenings, the new rooftop bar atop Is Port tavern a given meeting.

Finnham’s hook is part of the fine-dining guide White Guide. Really good food and good wines at reasonable prices.

Sail to Öja

Öja, the archipelago’s southernmost island means a long day trip from Stockholm. On Öja, five kilometers long, but never more than 600 meters wide, Landsort, Sweden’s oldest lighthouse, has been desirable since 1648. The picturesque archipelago village of Storhamn has bridges on both sides of the island. Rare orchids grow on the island’s mosses and Landsort bird station is a bird-watching center of rank.

Sjöblom restaurant, Saltboden Kök and Proviant.

Sail to Gällnö

In the idyllic Gällnö, the middle archipelago is at its best. On this fertile and overlooked island there is a lot to discover. Between open fields and pastures is a well-preserved farming village and down to the Gulf Hemfladen will find Gällnö cafe and Gällnö Handelsbod. The cafe’s garden is a difficult place for a coffee during apple trees. Here you will also hid charming Gällnö Bar with unusual beers.

Gällnö Café has light dishes and homemade pastries.

Sail to Fjärdlång

Fjärdlång is an untouched pearl for nature lovers who want privacy. There are few people on the island and since 1985, the entire Fjärdlång nature reserve is close to the islands. Stugby, tent camping and camp schools provide Fjärdlång life during the summer. Wildlife is rich with moose, fox, owls, sea eagle and even summertime. Lena bathing cliffs can be found all over the island and kayaking, rowboats and fishing equipment are available for rent.

The harbor kiosk sells simpler dishes


During the summer months, June through August, the temperatures are continental and this thanks to the Gulf Stream from the Atlantic. The wind is around 4-10 m / s 4 and can sometimes be stiff to fresh breeze and up to the breeze. However, it does not blow every day without a sea breeze after the sun has warmed up the sea. Summer temperatures in Stockholm are between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius and the light makes the days up to 18 hours in the period June – August.

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