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Greece is what many think of the classic sailing area and an extremely popular holiday country. Sailing in Greece you will find it suitable for you. Everything from calm family sailing to tougher sea sealing. The archipelago of Greece is easily navigated with very little shallow waters.

Rent a boat in Greece where it is full of hospitable people and you can easily be enchanted by the hassle of folklore and culture as you come close by boat. There are many small restaurants serving classic Greek dishes that makes your mouth water. You can rent sailboats from Athens to sail in Greece among the Saronic Islands and Cyclades, from Corfu and Lefkas, to sail in the Ionian Islands, Kos and Rhodes to sail among the dodecanese islands and skiathos to sail in the Sporades. All five sailing areas are very different.

The season extends form May to October. High season is in June to the end of September. In July and August, it is warmer in the air and water. During both spring and autumn season, you have comfrotable climate with fewer tourists and plenty of space in the ports.


During the summer months, June through August, the temperatures are continental and this thanks to the Gulf Stream from the Atlantic. The wind is around 4-10 m / s 4 and can sometimes be stiff to fresh breeze and up to the breeze. However, it does not blow every day without a sea breeze after the sun has warmed up the sea. Summer temperatures in Stockholm are between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius and the light makes the days up to 18 hours in the period June – August.

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